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Now connecting over 17,000 business people within Ireland and around the world, Irish Executives continues to respond to the economic pressure with a commitment to sharing ideas, insights, expertise, solutions and know-how which exists among the Irish Diaspora at home and abroad. http://tinyurl.com/IES-Video-2012.

As a Network organization we have primarily used LinkedIn as our front end to achieve and channel most of our programs.

In LinkedIn groups today there is an abundance of choice in terms of data, surveys  and postings , some with great value and some with a lesser relevance. Some are posted to multiple groups with no real intent and/or are not generating any discussion and some groups have sadly become pure Marketing platforms or the members have simply stopped engaging with one another.

With such a large group and diversity @ IEN we really want to focus on bringing the art of conversation back and keep having  great discussions.  @ IEN we are obsessed by not losing the original intent of the forum which is to debate, share and engage.  We had great discussions lately and we would like to pursue on the same vein with the introduction of a new exclusive program called:

Bloggers in Residence @ Irish Executives Network


What is it ?

We have asked 8 members of the network including myself  to provide content for publication on various topics such as Top of Mind, Finance, Wellness, Business , Social Media or Agriculture to name a few. The content will be unique and exclusive to Irish Executives Network and will be hosted on our newly launched IEN Blog.


Who are the Bloggers in Residence ?

We have a super team in place of experienced and new kids around the blog J Meet the team !!

Lucy Hyland                       Nutritionist & Chef @ Food for Living

Eoin Murphy                      Senior Financial Consultant  @ Moneycoach.ie

Brendan Palmer                 MD @ Dravtec Limited

Noel Boyle                           People & Organization Consultant

Patricia Ryall                      MD @ Duchas Coaching and Training

Zara Sheerin                       Board Member @ IEN , MD @ Mint Digital

John Muldoon                   IT Manager & Part Time Lecturer @ National College of Ireland

Pascal Derrien                   Chief Blogger & Fun Stuff @ IEN

What is the frequency ?

We are planning to post 4 blogs a month , 2 blogs every fortnight on average , they will be posted on Irish  Executives Network On Linked In obviously, on Word press and we will also send a taster communication by mail to the Network

Why should I read the IEN blogs ?

We know there are as many ways to consume IEN as we have members almost , the purpose is similar to Spot On we hope you will enjoy the read, maybe react , perhaps engage and overall have the opportunity to trigger some thoughts about a particular topic you are passionate about. Lastly you will not find the content posted  anywhere else !!!
Enjoy the blogs !!!!!

Pascal on Behalf Irish Executives Network Governance & Leadership Team  
Contact & enquiry pascal@irishexecutives.com




1. Lisa Quish - November 15, 2013

Hi Pascal,
The Bloggers piece sounds very interesting, I went into the link today and it said nothing could be found in the archive. It maybe that as this is just launching that you do not have contend yet. Best of luck with it, I look forward to reading. The group seems to have good energy

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